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Severed head

His head was severed from his body and he felt the agony of that, but he was still alive. His head rolled down the enlarged gullet of the Mummy-thing. Its throat was lined with a sticky red shiny liquid that burnt on contact. Already one of his eyes had been burnt out and he could barely see out of the other one. As he was squeezed downwards he heard a gurgling churning noise which grew louder as he rounded each of the many corners of the foul monstrous gut.

At each push his head was turned in a different direction so he couldn’t always see where he was going. He tried  to bite the side of the gut to stop himself going forward. It tasted foul but the muscular motions were far too strong and he couldn’t hold on.

For a moment he was stuck on what seemed like a fold in the gut which was contracting and pushing him slowly forward towards a small opening.

By coincidence he was turned to face his fate, right at the very edge of the precipice.  Below him was a boiling vat of liquid which must be the stomach of this creature. As the muscles gathered themselves ready to contract he had one last stream of

“…he’ll get by without his rabbit pie…”

running through his mind before his head was ejected like a cork from a bottle out and down into the foul-smelling cauldron below. He registered the searing pain of the stomach acid briefly before his life finally flickered out and his head melted to join the morass.

Extract from my NANOWRIMO work in progress

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Inspired by an image from ceirenbell@posterous.com

Watching the swarm was always exciting for me and Tommy. We thought that old Mr. Hackett being twisted and then broken up into tiny pieces was funny and we thought that watching his cows slowly coming apart bit by bit was funny too.

We felt it too, our heads were pulled all out of shape, my left arm was kind of back-to-front now and Tommy lost an eye the second time round, but it didn’t bother us much.

At school no one spoke to us but that was no different and before they’d tease us and push us around. They didn’t do that anymore.

Last week Mumma was turned inside out and we didn’t laugh at first coz she made us our dinner, but Tommy said that now we wouldn’t have to eat our greens and that made us laugh.

We ate all the ice cream that night.

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