It had been a weird day so far. Jack knew it would be when he woke up in the lake on top of a large raft. He stood up and looked out. He could not see a thing, well, he could see the lake, but that was it.

He pinched his leg to see if it was a dream, he slapped his face too, but the view did not change. He sat down and tried to think how this could have come to pass.

The last thing he could think of was the shop in the old town that  he went to. He could not be sure when but it must have been two or three days since he was there. It was the last thing he could bring to mind. Where had he been since then and how had he got here? Where was here? He had no clue. He had been stuck on the raft eightor nine hours now. All day he stood or sat there. He did not see a thing or hear a sound for the first two hours. In the third hour he heard a deep sound far off to his left. He turned round and tried to make out the source of the sound, but at first, it was not clear.

For an hour the noise was the same but then it stopped. An hour later he heard it to his right, the same sound but not so far from him. As each hour passed it was as if it was less far. Five hours on he saw a shape, black with spikes and what looked like a long red tail which moved from left to right as it came to him.

It was just a few feet from the raft now and he could see its eyes, all five of them, bright red and as big as footballs. Its head was as  large as the raft and he saw tiny black spines all over it, each with a bright red tip.

He thought it would hurt him or kill him if it touched him, but just as he thought it would strike, he saw it no more. It was there and then it was gone. It made a small pop sound like a burst ball, then it was no more.

That was the last thing he saw and all he could do now, he felt, was wait.

He hoped that a ship would come soon.