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S Club

Dressmaker’s S (Falmouth, MA)

Stop, she said
Sad severe Samantha

Stupid statement

Simon, she said
Stop saying such shit

Suddenly she stopped


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Sovereign meeting the people

‘Let’s get this straight, you think you’re wife here should have my job?’ said the Mayor.

‘Yeah I do,’ said the man with the hat. ‘Thing is, she may not look it, but she’s a dynamo.’

‘A dynamo?’


‘D’you mind not talking about me as if I wasn’t here,’ said the wife of the man with the hat.

‘See, I told ya,’ said the hat man.

‘I’m sorry,’ said the Mayor. ‘I’m just taken aback here. I feel insulted to be honest with you.’

‘Insulted?’ said the hat man.

‘Insulted?’ said the hat man’s wife.


‘Why ?’ said the hat man’s wife.

‘Well come on. I mean, here I am trying to be nice. I’m walking around, chatting with people, trying to find out what they want…’

‘Well, yeah but…’ said the hat man’s wife.

‘I’ve only been in the job for 5 days…’

‘I know but…’ said the hat man’s wife.

‘And this schmuck…’

‘Hey!’ said the hat man.

‘How dare you!’ said the hat man’s wife.

‘I don’t think he meant anything by that,’ said the Mayor’s aide.

‘Didn’t mean anything,’ said the hat man’s wife.

‘Just be a man,’ said the hat man.

‘Be a man? Be a goddamn man!’ said the Mayor.

‘I’m glad I didn’t vote for you…’ said the hat man’s wife.

‘Well, thank you but I didn’t need your vote and frankly…’

‘Mr Mayor…’

‘If anyone’s a schmuck…’ said the hat man brandishing his umbrella.

‘Sir, move away,’ said the Mayor’s security man grasping the umbrella.

‘You make me wanna puke,’ said the hat man’s wife. ‘Come on dear, we didn’t come here to be insulted. ‘

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Peeve is a small furry animal I found when holidaying in Outer Mongolia. I keep meaning to have him checked, to find out what he is, but but I’m afraid that if I do , someone will tell me I’m not allowed to keep Peeve – I did kind of smuggle him out of the country.

I had to put him in my underwear to make sure the customs didn’t find him. He seemed quite at home there.

Please dont tell anyone about Peeve.

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I want to go to this imaginary place because its the reason I love post-apocalyptic, armageddon-style films, despite the recent glut.

Notwithstanding the obvious hideousness going on, death, disease, pain, desperation, loss, misery etc etc; there’s a sense that I am alive (being the main character in the film) and I am lucky and I can do whatever I want: raid the shops, drink myself bandy, drive aRolls Royce, tattoo my face and run naked through the streets (watching out for the lions and vampires and zombies obviously).

I can make up my own rules, gather a huge arsenal of weapons, invite people I like to join me and kill people who disagree or look at me funny.

I think it’ll be a great place to live.

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Smiling Fly

That fly is really getting on my nerves. It keeps buzzing round my head. It reminds me of Alan, he was a bit like that wasn’t he.

Yes full of energy

Well full of energy yes but too much of it, I mean he could hardly sit still or shut up.

Don’t speak ill…

I can’t help it, I’m only here for the wife. She loved him

So I hear…

What do you mean?


No, come one, spit it out!

Well, just that she was quite friendly with him, you know…


Lets just say that he had to find ways of using that excess energy and she helped him out

How dare you!

You did ask

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